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Lokrum Day Trip

Trip date: June 2019

Since I had researched the number of cruise ships in Dubrovnik for each day of my stay, I knew that on this particular day there would be 4 ships docked, with a potential for almost 12,000 passengers descending on the town. I was not interested in sticking around for that!

It was also a gloriously hot and sunny day, so I loaded up my daypack, walked to the Old Town Port, and caught a little boat for the 10 minute crossing to Lokrum Island. Boats run about every 30 minutes and cost 150Kn each way, cash only.

Lokrum was settled by Benedictine monks in 915AD. Legend has it that Richard the Lionheart was shipwrecked here in 1192. In the 1860's a summer home was built for Maximilian I, Emperor of Mexico and in Game of Thrones, it was the location for the city of Qarth and also the home of the Iron Throne. Today it is a nature reserve and lovely day trip from Dubrovnik.

Upon arriving I followed one of the trails for a short hike across the island. I was greeted by MANY adorable bunnies and a few peacocks. I made my way out to "the rocks", the western shore which has lots of interesting rock formations.
But my morning destination wasn't the rocky coastline, but a small inland swimming hole. The Dead Sea as it is called, is a ~30 foot deep round lake, crystal clear, and fed by surrounding caves.

I spread my towel out on a bit of the flat rock, sunscreened up, and spent a few hours soaking up the sun, swimming, and watching brave (?) folks climb and jump off the cliffs. It was wonderful! I even had a local come and visit with me for a bit.
For lunch, I packed up my things and headed to Locroma, one of the casual restaurants on the island. It was lovely to sit outside, have a refreshing gintonic, and a very good octopus salad while watching the bunnies hop around!
Tanning and lunch completed I set out to explore the Monastery. The architecture and the grounds are really pretty. There is another restaurant on the complex and also a small museum that I wandered through. This is also where I found the Iron Throne! No line up or anything!

I wandered around the botanical garden after leaving the Monastery and fed a few of the bunnies that ran across my path. They are seriously everywhere!

Continuing on the trail it was a short walk back to the boat launch area. I had some time before my return trip so grabbed a glass of rosé in the sun. The coast on this side of the island is made up of huge flat rocks and many people were spread out on them enjoying the sun.
This was such a great day trip for me! Swimming, sunning, a little hike, lots of bunnies, and boat rides! I'd highly recommend Lokrum if you want to get away from the crowds of Dubrovnik for a few hours.

All Lokrum photos here.

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