Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Swim with the Fishes

I've been in San Francisco a lot lately, I love it! I love the city, the weather, the food, the cocktails. So even though I had just gone with some European friends in Feb I went with my friend Della and her mom Sandy again in April. Della's mom has a time share in Union Square and had never been, Della hadn't been since college and I'm always up for a trip obviously!

One thing Sandy wanted to see was the aquarium. I hadn't been to the one there and it was very near the In N Out Burger (priorities people, priorities!) so off we went!

How cool are these jellyfish??? There were a few tanks of them and they were stunning!

Walking in the tunnel where the fish are next to and above you was amazing! Huge sharks, bass, schools of anchovies and octopus are all swimming around as we walked through.


Just outside the aquarium is Pier 39 where all the sea lions hang out. Really? How does that thing stay afloat with them all??

Anyway I really thought the Aquarium of the Bay was a great way to spend a not so sunny afternoon and walk off the In N Out Burger.


  1. i love aquariums....I like watching anything swimming underwater, which is why i'm a fan of underwater documentaries. and that jellyfish pic is awesome. incidentally, our aquarium here in paris is kind of sucky.

  2. Great time and great pics! xooxox


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