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Danish Drinking

Trip date: July 2019

On this Copenhagen trip I had a few cocktail bars I was excited to return to, and some new (and/or new to me) on my list. Cocktails in the Danish capital tend to be inventive, artistic, and delicious, much like the city itself.

Do you have a favorite bar that you have found while traveling? Where, even though you've only been a couple of times, you feel very comfortable and welcomed? Balderdash is one of those bars to me. There's always a cast of local characters, jovial conversation flows, and the drink menu changes seasonally and is awesome.

Take for example this strawberry-foie gras bourbon old fashioned on the seasonal strawberry menu. TASTY! Served with a side of fresh peas in the shell as a bar snack. Bonus that owner Geoffrey made it for me. 

Aaron joined me here one night and we both had a great time before heading out to dinner. I can't recommend it enough.

Another spot I've been to before is arguably the best known cocktail bar in town; Ruby. Aaron, Albert, and I went in pretty early on a Friday night and were seated on a big gorgeous leather couch. The menu is still packed with multi-ingredient drink choices, and the space is as beautiful as ever. 

But we all felt that our drinks were on the sweet side while the service was a bit tart. It was a one-and-done stop for us and I will probably give them a pass on my next trip, if only because there are so many great bars in Copenhagen now. 

On the "new-to-me" places I discovered this time around, TATA cocktail bar in the Hotel Sanders was wonderful! Aaron and I went on my first night in town as Jonas was working and is a friend of Aaron's. We had a lovely time talking with him about the city and the cocktail culture. 

We also had some really great drinks! Check out the glassware in the photo below! Beautiful and delicious! And the space is super cozy and the location is great, right near Nyhavn. I plan on a repeat visit next time!

Duck and Cover has been around for some time but I hadn't been before. Aaron and I stopped in before dinner one night and were happy to see the owner Kasper behind the bar. The menu is incredibly unique, with lots of herbal and bitter ingredients, one drink even had grilled asparagus! Of course I had to try it and it was so refreshing!

Duck and Cover is a hip, dark little den that is partially subterranean. It is definitely a spot I'd like to drink at again!

One afternoon Albert, Aaron, and I visited Empirical Spirits for a tour and tasting. Opened in 2017, this distillery is odd, in a good way. They distill various flavors of spirits, vs. vodka or whiskey. 

Odd combinations of flavors, distilled and bottled (or canned), all with odd names (Fuck Trump and His Stupid Fucking Wall made from made from distilled barley, Belgian Saison yeast, and koji). It was very interesting and fun. You'll see some of their products around town if you don't have time for a tour.

If you are in Copenhagen on a gorgeously sunny day, and looking for a glass of wine, look no further than La Banchina. Actually since they have a sauna this could be a great winter spot too! And it is a full café with indoor and outdoor seating. But I was there for a cold glass of white wine and a spot in the sun on their dock

Another lovely time drinking lovely cocktails and wine in the very lovely Copenhagen. Skål!

 *At the time of this writing many bars in Copenhagen are still closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact them for up-to date hours of operation. *

All Copenhagen photos here.

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