Friday, November 13, 2015

Cadiz, Spain

When we docked in Cadiz everyone had a choice to go on a full day drive and excursion to Seville or a shorter excursion to Jerez for some sherry tasting. Since we had done both the previous year we elected to stay and explore the pretty old city of Cadiz.

Upon disembarking we found a tourist map which showed us four optional walking tours of the town. You hardly needed a map however as the streets were painted with various colored lines which you just followed depending on which type of things you were interested in exploring. This is so brilliant, I think every city should do this!

After our lovely walking tour (with a tad bit of rain) we stopped into the fantastic cathedral right in the old town center. The risers outside were still in place from the big Easter Sunday Mass the day before. And inside there was an incredible and huge silver alter as well as an impressive crypt.

We had lunch in what looked to be quite a touristy outdoor cafe but when I saw some elderly local looking diners eating things I had never seen I just asked the waiter to bring the same. We ended up with these really interesting little pan fried "pancakes" which had tiny shrimp in them. Awesome.

We made a quick trip to the town mercado, which was small and sadly closing, for some Iberico jamon and then into the grocery store for some Iberico jamon flavored Pringles. There would be a serious taste test that night!

The sun was out so we stopped for an al fresco drink before returning to the ship and meeting up with Matt and Jen to hear about their day in Jerez.

Photos here. Next stop Malaga, Spain.

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