Tuesday, July 3, 2007

London Baby!

We decided to stop in London on our way home from Italy for a few nights- it had been much too long since either of us had been and we had never been there together. Our main interests were shopping, dining and cocktails!

The first evening in town we were quite excited to go to the London Eye or The Wheel as the locals call it. We had purchased tickets in advance for the Champagne Flight which allowed us to not wait in line, check it closer to the "flight" time and of course have a couple of glasses of champagne while viewing the lights come up in London. The Wheel was incredibly impressive and although there were more than a few clouds it was still an amazing view of the city.

After our flight we changed for cocktails and dinner. Our friend and world known bartender extrodanaire Murray
had suggested we check out a few bars owned by an aquaintence of his, Nidel, so off we went for pre dinner drinks at Dusk in South London. Very nice, a bit of a scene but the bartenders were really doing a great job. Then on to the main event of the night- Dinner at Petrus, a Gordon Ramsay Restaurant.

We arrived and were led into a gorgeous room- very clubby feeling but also warm and comfortable. And our maitre'd was Jeanne Phillipe of Ramsay's tv show which was funny!

They started us off with some simple but perfect amuse bouche and glasses of champagne- I love the high end restaurants and how they wheel over the champagne cart to you to choose your bubbly by- none of that wines by the list menu!

With dinner we had a very young but still very nice 95 Magdelaine. We tried to order different things so we could have multiple tastes! Our menu:

-partridge roasted with onion fondue, alsace bacon and partridge jus

-terrine of confit foie gras, sauternes jelly, smoked duck apple and shallot salad

-rump of veal

-24 hour roasted suckling pig

after we had some beautiful cheeses and a few dessert wines and then multiple desserts. We were so stuffed they sent the mignardes home with us! They also gave us a very nice tour of the kitchen and Chef Marcus Wareing signed our menu.

Our last afternoon in London was spent shopping at some of our favorite shops, those that we don't have in Seattle and strolling around. We checked out Nidel's other cocktail lounge Montgomery Place in Notting Hill that evening- it is very charming with beautiful (but spendy!!) cocktails. We took this picture for Murray which shows a book he sent to Nidel proudly displayed in the bar's trophy case.
You can see the rest of the photos from our yummy dinner here!

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