Friday, February 3, 2023

Seabrook Celebrations

Trip date: June 2022

Seabrook seems like one of those places that most Seattleites have been at least once. It's a relatively short & easy road trip, just 2 ½ hours away, and situated on the beautiful Washington coast. When one of my friends decided to celebrate her birthday there last year I was excited to go. I had never been, in fact I don't think anyone in our group had! We found a great 4 bedroom/5 bath house (since Seabrook is billed as a family getaway spot there are lots of houses with a large number of rooms and beds) and booked early in the year since the resort tends to sell completely out each year. 

I drove out with my friends Lorraine and Sonja and, as has become a lovely tradition when driving thru Olympia, we had lunch at Chelsea Farms. I just love this little restaurant with its delicious oysters and stellar clam chowder. It always makes for a nice ~½ way stop. 

The three of us arrived at the house Let It Be (all the houses here have names), before the others, got the groceries put away, and had a little drink on our big wrap-around porch. The house was huge, plenty of space for the 6 of us to cook, make drinks, and relax in. That was the plan for the weekend!
We decided to head out for a walk around town to get oriented. Seabrook was built in 2004 as a planned resort town; there are about 250 homes, a small core downtown with shops and restaurants, a few parks, and of course the pristine Pacific Beach. 

It's cute, in a Stepford Wives sort of way. It's so perfectly planned that it feels a bit eery, but it's very pleasant. Like a neighborhood at Disneyland. I'm not the only person to struggle with the artificial-ness of Seabrook, you can read a great article written by my friend Allecia here.

We headed back to Let It Be where we had happy hour in the hot tub and waited for our friends Travis & Sandra to arrive.

The next morning was absolutely beautiful so after a quick stop at Vista Bakeshop we all went for a nice long walk on the beach. It's really such a beautiful spot!
We circled back up to the town after and had lunch at Rising Tide Tavern. Since Pacific Beach is known for their razor clams I chose the chowder and then a fancy fishwich sandwich. Both were great!

A few of us drove out to Hoquiam after lunch to pick up some crab for that evening's dinner at Lytle Seafood. We thought we would get a few things from them to add to our dinner menu but honestly the shrimp didn't look great so we skipped that. 

When we got home Sonja had a lovely happy hour waiting for us and our crab feast that night was delish!

The next morning our friend Gavin arrived and I made up a big skillet of truffle scrambled eggs. The weather was absolutely awful, it poured rain all day, so we stayed inside playing games and having the fireplace on. We took a very quick walk to Cookies Country Chicken, which had a food truck there, to grab sandwiches to have at home for lunch. While we waited on our sandwiches Sonja, Lorraine, and I checked out the cocktails at Rising Tide. 

That evening we cooked up some absolutely gorgeous bone-in ribeyes that we bought in Seattle at Beast & Cleaver, had a proper baked potato bar with all the fixings, and I opened some lovely wines from my cellar. It was Lorraine's birthday celebration after all!

And then the weekend was over! I was glad to have gone to Seabrook with this fun group of friends. But would I go again? Maybe? I personally wouldn't plan it for myself but if I was invited I'd most likely say "Let It Be"!

All photos of Seabrook here

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