Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Vineyard Business

Trip date: May 2016

While using my friend's St. Helena home as a virtual office, I also had a day of onsite meetings with one of my clients who happens to have offices in both Vallejo and Napa. The drive that morning was misty and I passed acres and acres of vineyards before reaching the more industrial town of Vallejo for my first meeting of the day.

My next meeting was in the hills northeast of Napa. I drove on twisty roads, past pretty properties studded with trees and creeks, and of course many many vineyards, before finally arriving at my client's' vineyard offices.

After a tour around the property, we sat and a chef who use to work at The French Laundry made me a wonderful lunch using the HestanCue Smart Cookware System. We had a great meeting and it was super fun not only to see the beautiful location of my tech client but to have a meal made using their product!

I left and drove into Napa proper to check out the Ox Bow Market, a great space with restaurants, specialty food and beverage stalls, and cute kitchen shops. I chose to sit at Hog Island for a lovely late afternoon snack of oysters on the half shell and rosé.

The city of Napa is very historical and the Victorian style houses are so pretty. Some of them are now offices to publications I like!

It was an easy drive back to St. Helena, made even better with a stop in Yountville at Bouchon Bakery. I now had cheeses from Ox Bow for aperos, a delicious sandwich for dinner, and some tasty macarons for breakfast.

Then it was back home to answer emails, swim, hot tub, happy hour, and stream a movie. I love my job. And my generous friends!

All Napa photos here.

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