Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sandwich & Rolls

Before leaving for Andover, we drove up to the town of Sandwich, the oldest town on the Cape, settled in 1637. We found our way to the tiny marina and the restaurant Aqua Grille for some lunch. Being our last day we decided to share the New England clam chowder (quite good) and each get a lobster roll (very good). The rolls were served with bags of Cape Cod chips which are similar in style to the NW's Tim's. A delicious last lunch.

We left the restaurant and drove to the Sandwich Boardwalk. It's a very pretty walk through Mill Creek wetlands out to Town Neck Beach. People can help fund the boardwalk by purchasing a board which is engraved to their specifications.
The beach itself is beautiful and since it was such a nice day we could see all the way to the northern tip of the Cape, out to Provincetown. The wetlands have bird houses and nesting platforms scattered throughout for the many birds that are becoming endangered. And a few lucky home-owners are right on the edge of the marsh, with unobstructed views to the dunes.

As we left the Cape we couldn't help but notice how much nicer this drive over the bridge was compared to the one we had 5 days earlier.

Cape Cod photos here

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