Saturday, February 11, 2012

Train to Tales on Tour

As per usual I'm about a year behind on posting about our travels. I've yet to write about Italy, Paris, Brugge, London, Bath, Chelan, etc. And I need to finish my posts on Costa Rica, 1st world problems for sure. But another month (or two) brings another trip, this one a short jaunt north with friends for the second annual Tales of the Cocktail on tour- Vancouver.
Unlike last year when there were mud slides and we had to bus most of the way, today is beautiful and sunny. The views of the Sound are beautiful and we spotted 5 bald eagles standing in a field, 2 adults & 3 adolescents.
Dayne pre-batched Corpse Revivers, Gary pre-batched a yummy punch, I made a mushroom/onion/bacon tart and away we went.
The train ride to Vancouver is about 4 hours. There's free wifi in the business class car and you can take a nap since the train leaves so damn frickin early in the am!
Tomorrow is our conference (lol! I love calling it that!) check in and opening party, it's a 30's themed Hollywood ball- I've brought a ball gown :)
There are still some tickets on sale at so if you aren't doing anything this weekend come join us!
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