Sunday, September 11, 2016

Living Las Vegas- Part Two

Trip date: February 2015

My week of living in Las Vegas was going quite well, the only problem was that staying up until 1 and 2am most nights, while getting up to work in the morning was exhausting. Luckily I didn't have to be dressed and in an office!

My guests had changed as Lorraine headed home and Matt & Jen took her place on the living room hide-a-bed. After my work day Jen, Matt, and I headed downtown to play blackjack and craps in the old school joints. My luck wasn't holding but the table minimums are still fairly low here so it was all ok. We then walked along the Fremont Street Experience (always crazy people watching) to the Downtown Cocktail Room for drinks. The bar is dark and had mainly local clientele on this Thursday evening, the drinks were very good.

Next stop was to the Container Park, a mixed-use area made up of, you guessed it- shipping containers! The entrance was guarded by a crazy robot dragon that breathed fire unexpectedly and scared the shit out of us! We found our destination, Oak & Ivy bar and enjoyed some really lovely cocktails and exceptionally friendly bartenders. I loved this place!

I had never been to the infamous Lotus of Siam restaurant before, and it is one of Jen and Matt's favorite places, so we grabbed a cab and headed the short distance to this Mecca of Thai food in the Nevada desert. It really hit the spot with some amazing Thai food and quelled some cravings I had had since being in Thailand the month before!

Back to the strip we headed to meet friends of theirs who were at Ceasar's Palace. Matt went off to play in a poker tournament while Jen and I sat at a blackjack table. We learned quickly that playing cards at Ceasar's, which had recently filed bankruptcy was a losing battle. Jen and I headed to the bar to wait for Matt and got our drinks the old fashioned way. By having the cute guy who followed me over from the table buy them!

Friday while Matt was playing in another tournament Jen and I met at Mon Ami Gabi for a decadent champagne lunch. Even though the food is not as great as it use to be, this is still the spot that reminds me of wonderful dinners and lunches with an amazing assortment of friends over the years. Baguettes, escargot, butter, and bubbles consumed we decided to do a little day gambling and grabbed seats at a blackjack table inside the Paris. Few things are as fun as day drinking paired with day gambling.

It was our last night and we made some drinks and took them up to the Chateaus' rooftop for fantastic views of the city. From here the three of us walked over to the Aria for cocktails at The Alibi bar. Woohoo, those libations were expensive!!!!

My last dinner of my week of living in Las Vegas was one of the best. Yanaka!! Our waiter encouraged us to order the omakase for two even though we were three and it was perfect. And delicious! And only $130 or so total!!!

We started old-school on our gambling after dinner,  Jen and I on the blackjack tables at the Flamingo while Matt sat at a poker tournament. After a few hands, I got tired of cheap brandy so I left for the Bellagio and their good Cognac across the street. Jen went home and Matt joined me after finishing his tournament, about 3am. We headed back to the Chateau, stopping for slices of pizza on the way. As you do in Las Vegas!

Although it was only February the next morning was hot so I took advantage of the weather and headed to the roof top pool for the afternoon before flying back to Seattle with Jen and Matt.

Got a bunch of work done, gambled with the city's money for the week, ate and drank like a boss, and had super fun times with my friends. Now that's what I call winning in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas photos here
Living Las Vegas- Part One

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