Monday, December 7, 2015

Mallorca Round 2

Our last port of call on our Windstar cruise was on the island of Mallorca. Originally the ship was to anchor in Soller, where I had stayed the year before and was excited to visit it again. The weather didn't cooperate however and the ship had to dock in Palma. We decided to take the narrow gauge train that runs from Palma to Soller, rather than stay in the big more touristy city, which was fun and offered some great scenery as it climbed through the mountains.

We arrived in Soller and their weekly market was in full swing so we did a little browsing and shopping before settling into lunch at Cipriani's which we discovered the year before. They specialize in Mallorcan cuisine and are right in the town center.
 After lunch we boarded the trolly down to the Port. The weather was beautiful; sunny, warm and perfect for a lovely gintonic outside at Cava. This entire menu is just gin and tonic combos!!

After a relaxing afternoon by the sea we took a taxi back to Palma and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery while sailing towards our final stop where our cruise would end, Barcelona.

It was the last night on board, one last in-room apero was had, one last dinner, and one last night in the casino.

Windstar is still a choice I'd recommend, I may even try one of their other ships some time!

Mallorca photos here.

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