Sunday, June 17, 2007


So once we actually GOT to Venice it was spectacular of course! We had a very nice meal the first night at Osteria Enoteca San Marco and the next day a fantastic lunch at Al Theatro next to La Fenice. But the most fun food wise was experiencing some of the cechetti bars! These, usually hole in the wall, bars are where the locals go for a small glass of wine and snack before dinner. The first one we went to was Do Mori- great atmosphere, cechetti and wine. They really take the "snack before dinner" seriously though as it closed right at 9pm! As with tapas we over ordered and were full of our snacks so dinner ended up being a bottle of wine and dessert at Florian in Piazza San Marco. It was a gorgeous night!

There was a really big storm one night and it left the canals spilling over onto the sidewalks. It was just a peak into what winter must be like for the locals with the flooding that happens, wow- I can't imagine dealing with that! some of the boats could not even get under the bridges because the water was so high!

Our last full day we spent over on the Dusadora area- it was very nice to be the only one's in most of the neighborhood.

We went to the Peggy Guggenheim museum which was fantastic and then ended up having to walk all the way back to our hotel as there was a vaporetta strike! On the way back we stopped in a wonderful deli and picked up some nice "happy hour" snacks to enjoy in our room.

Being our last night we headed out and took the obligatory gondola ride and then headed out to another cechetti bar- Botte which I think is quite well know and very popular.

We loved being in Venice, it's such a unique and gorgeous city! All photos of Venice can be seen here

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  1. Ah.... I so envy you, Venice is on my (very long ;-) wish list to go. My sister and her son are going there the 21th October. Some day I'll go too!

    Thanks for showing those wonderful photos!


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