Monday, September 22, 2008

A Day in the Neighborhood

Saturday we attended the Fall Fisherman's Festival at Fisherman's Terminal near Ballard. It was dark, wet and stormy- just like the weather those tough guys put up with.

Our friend Brooke was swimming in the Survival Suit Race for her company Clipper Seafoods. Teams had to quickly put on the survival suits, jump in the water and swim across an area of water where they hauled themselves up into an inflatable life raft. There were rescue divers in the water on hand if anyone needed help.

After watching how hard this all is I'm amazed that anyone actually survives in an emergency! Scary! They didn't win but they did good and looked good doing it!!

There were tons of things for kids to do, lots of arts and crafts. I loved that after building these wooden boats they could just drag them on the rain covered asphalt.

Additionally there were salmon fillet contests, no hands oyster slurping contests, a BBQ, children's trout fishing pond, beer garden, band and a "meet creepy fish of the sea" display.


  1. Nice write up of the event Wendy. Sounds like you had a nice time. della

  2. Sounded like a nice day despite the weather. I can't help it, but I love that creepy fish photo.... *giggles*

    It's my first time here, so I think I'll have a look around among your posts a bit - I love to travel too.

  3. Welcome lifecruiser, thank you for the nice comments!


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