Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Cinque Terre Sept 2007

Dayne and I traveled around northern Italy for a few weeks in Sept. Here is a bit about our trip! Our stops were Cinque Terre, Florence, Emilia-Romanga, Venice and a day in London on the way home.

We started off in Milan, mainly because the flights in were well timed for us. Didn't do much as we were just there for the night before heading to Cinque Terre. Our friend from Paris met us and we went out for some nice aperitivos and snacks before dinner. Had dinner at Cantina della Vetra which was very good- gnocco fritto became one of my favorite things!

The next day we were off to Montorosso in Cinque Terre! These towns are stunning!

Some other friends from Geneva, Oxford and Vancouver met us here so we had a nice little apartment for 5 days. Every morning we would go down the street to the Foccaciaria where you could order multiple slices of different foccacia and pay by the gram. Brilliant!

This is also the region for pesto which we ate daily!! And of course lots of fresh fish.

We spent the days lounging at the beach, hiking and exploring the towns, having lots of aperitivos and just relaxing while catching up with our friends. It was really a fantastic time.

You can see all the pictures for Cinque Terre here


  1. hey, you crazy kids! I put your blog in my RSS reader... and I can't wait to read all about your travels. :)

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