Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cocktail Camp

I think it's only fitting to relive a little Tales on Tour Vancouver today being Mardi Gras!
Upon checking in at registration we all sat with sponsored St Germain cocktails and went through our goodie bags. It's a bit like Christmas with everyone shouting "look!" and "cool"! The lounge provided cocktails and punch for hours on end, we researched all of it.
"Cocktail Camp" phrase coined by Jen B.
Unlike last year, which was just one day of seminars, this year's conference expanded by a day to include some fantastic tasting rooms and Spirited Dinners.
Hendrick's Gin put on a morning filled with curious umbrellas, delicious drinks and even a bit of knowledge as we tasted through the spirit in different stages of distillation. Nothing like a bit of gin to wake up your senses!
There was also a gathering of interesting spirits in the "Meet the Distillers" hall. We were really happy to see Seattle represented with Oola Spirits and San Juan Distillery (Spy Hop Gin is a house favorite).
In the Lifford Lounge we were treated to oysters on the half shell served with Bowmore 12 Year Old Islay Single Malt. After that snack we walked into the "Around the World in Whiskey Days" room where cocktails made with Scotch, Irish, Canadian and US Whiskey's were flowing.

Eddie Russell, Master Distiller

Bacardi then showed off daiquiris made with dry ice and a cola sour using their new Oakheart Spiced Rum.
But the fun for us American's was in the Havana Culture room, stocked with prohibited Havana Club rum and Cuban cigars. I may have filled my flask with some of that 7. And we may be infusing white rum with a cigar.

 These rooms were a great opportunity to meet the Ambassadors, Brand Reps and Distillers and to ask questions and learn about the history of each. It was also an excellent opportunity to taste delicious drinks and have a hell of a fun day!

All the fun can be seen here

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