Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Surfin' Safari

After leaving Arenal we spent a few days in Tamarindo, which was all sun, sand and surf. It was exactly what we were in the mood for after four days in the jungles up north. As popular as Tamarindo is, we were surprised to find such a small town. It's basically 3 streets, all dirt, and a big long stretch of beautiful beach dotted with hotels and surf camps. There are lots of free spirits providing entertainment, some of it orchestrated like these fire dancers and some just in the random people watching, like Forest knitting a scarf for me on a sweltering evening when there are fire dancers behind her.
I had planned to take a surf lesson, check out the neighboring beaches, maybe do some more hiking. But instead we just chilled.
We had some pretty good dinners at the Voodoo Lounge & Copacabana, had a very interesting New Year's Eve, enjoyed a delicious if somewhat slow lunch on the beach at Nibbana...
waded in the ocean which was as warm as a bath, viewed some breathtaking sunsets and had some very good mojitos in the sand...

A great couple of days doing just about nothing. And it was perfect!

Tamarindo photos here.

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