Sunday, March 26, 2017

Celebrate Palm Springs

Trip date: Feb 2016

Last year's annual Palm Springs getaway happened a bit earlier than usual, so there were no days spent watching tennis at Indian Wells. However we got to celebrate both Steve's and Paul's birthdays; one upon arrival and one right before we left!

We booked our (now) normal house, Contempo Oasis in the Deepwell Estates, blew up the pool toys, and settled in for the week.
Steve's birthday morning started with French 75s made by yours truly, and amazing steak, eggs, and bearnaise sauce made by Paul, Lauren, and Steve. It was a very decadent breakfast!

The entire day was spent in the pool before grilling some sausages, prawns, and lobster tails for dinner that night. Not too shabby.

My typical Palm Springs weekdays involve a morning walk around the cool mid century neighborhood followed by a few hours of work in my room. This time I took a some walks along the Tahquitz Creek Channel which was really nice. I even saw a wild jackrabbit one day.
Another morning my friend Dave and I drove over to the Movie Colony area and had a great walk through the neighborhood famous for the stars and their homes. I absolutely love walking around Palm Springs!
And as in years past, I also got back out to Palm Canyon for a nice hike. Dave and I started on the Palm Canyon trail and then did part of the Victor Trail which took us up a hill for some great views!
That afternoon my uncle and my brother drove in from LA to visit me. We went to lunch in town at Jake's which is really cute and comfortable. Our lunch, complete with a couple bottles of nice French white and a huge southern style slice of cake for dessert, was great!
They came back to the house to join the pool party and stayed for dinner. My brother has ridiculous hostess gift manners and came with a case of champagne. We are soooo related!

Another night we all headed to the infamous Melvyn's for cocktails. This place is crazy old school and is shrouded in movie star lore, but the drinks were bad and the service laughable. I wouldn't return unless I was actually on the arm of a movie star!
Things got much better when we walked the short distance to the Avalon Hotel for dinner at Chi Chi though! The restaurant has outside seating with a view of the pool, great drinks and delicious food! We all loved it!

The night before we left we celebrated Paul's 60th birthday all day! It started with French 75s and Migas for breakfast. Then it was an all day, pool day. That evening Lauren had hired Chef Drew from Catalan Restaurant to come and cater a dinner party complete with appetizers and HUGE paella for 10! It was a super fun and delicious night!!!
And then my 7 days were over. Three of my vacation-mates decided to stay for another week as the house was available. They might be addicted to Palm Springs. Who am I to judge?

As Steve and I waited for our flight with a glass of wine at the airport, we were introduced to Runway the cat who lives outside the Fairway bar there. Not a bad home I'd say!
The countdown is on, just 8 more days before we return!

All Palm Springs Photos here.

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