Monday, July 2, 2012

Nantucket...a Town, a County, an Island

We made the decision to spend a day on Nantucket vs Martha's Vineyard for a few reasons. Martha's Vineyard is quite large and many people mentioned that you need a car and a few days to explore. Nantucket has some very nice beaches which I was hoping to get to. And also the quick ferry was having a $50 round trip special fare promotion.

Steamship Authority had inside and outside seating, free wi-fi, cushy seats, and in about an hour we arrived at the island, the clouds were lifting to reveal a gorgeous day! We walked around for a bit, deciding where to eat lunch, and finally settled on The Tavern which had outdoor seating. The food was meh but it felt lovely to sit out in the sun.

After lunch we did a bit more exploring, there are lots of cute boutiques as well as some crazy expensive antique shops! The town is only a few blocks square and it's easy to cover it all in an afternoon. I loved the old buildings, reminders from the shipping and whaling industry, and there is even a combination soda shop/drug store.

Nantucket is known for these expensive handwoven baskets, the antique one's have prices up in the thousands of dollars!
With the day warming up we decided to head out to the closest of the beaches, Jetty's beach, a five minute ride from town. We grabbed a few cold beers from the liquor store and soon we were soaking up some vitamin D on the island's pretty shore. A few other people had the same idea. Finally! Some beach time!
Some guys threw a Frisbee, a pregnant woman went swimming and a local gentleman cast his line in the hopes of a bite. We even saw a few endangered plovers hanging around us. Everyone was happy for the sun!

With the afternoon wasting away, we walked back to town, admiring the gorgeous houses, in time for a glass of wine before our ferry arrived to take us back to the mainland. With most of the day trippers leaving, the town was much quieter than it had been in the afternoon.
I think we made the right decision by going to Nantucket, it's a charming island with beautiful beaches and very relaxing to do in a day. And we were back in Hyannis Port in time for dinner.
Nantucket photos here!

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  1. Nantucket is definitely one of my favorite places in New England to visit. I'm from NH and it is definitely my first choice of vacation spots. I usually spend a week or two there every summer. Looks like you had a great time, and I love the photos you got. They are making me excited to get back there this summer. Almost time to start checking out those Nantucket vacation rentals! I can't wait to get back there this summer. I would absolutely suggest spending some extended time there if you get the chance!


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