Friday, June 25, 2010

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner...

On our flight from Seattle to Marseille yesterday we had a stopover in Amsterdam, unfortunately that stop over ended up being a sleepover due to France having an all day general transportation strike.

Luckily for us we have friends who live in the city and were gracious enough to invite us over for dinner in their beautiful apartment. The evening was so warm and pretty that we decided to sit outside on their rooftop deck, the views of Amsterdam stunning.

We brought along some cold Taittinger champagne to start the night, Klary made a delicious dinner of cheesy baked penne, roasted broccoli and green salad with apples, prosciutto and mozzarella . There was dessert of yogurt, strawberry rhubarb compote and stroopwaffel (Dayne's favorite). It was a perfect and relaxing evening, catching up with friends we don't see often and getting to know them even better. To wrap up the evening Dennis held a Genever tasting with 3 very nice subjects- Schermer's Oude Jenever a light style at 36% made in Amsterdam; Filliers 125th Year Jubileum Graanjenever, a very whisky flavored Belgium spirit at 42% and finally Filliers 8 year old 50% Grand Jenever which was my favorite!

We feel lucky to know people in different countries and luckier still to call them friends. Klary and Dennis turned what could have been an overly frustrating situation into an incredibly enjoyable evening in a city we already love. Thank you and see you in October!

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