Friday, June 11, 2010

Antiquing Near and Far...

Some girlfriends and I have done a couple of day trips north to Snohomish to check out the antique shops. It's quite entertaining since we are all searching out similar items: vintage cocktail glassware and the like.

I don't know much about antiques, I pretty much buy what I like, but I have to say that this is a little shopping past time that I have really began to enjoy.

Last September when I was in Paris my girlfriend Forest and I went to the most famous of all antique markets, Les Puces (literally translated as The Fleas). Over 2 centuries old this is also the largest market of it's kind in the world, attracting up to 180,000 visitors on a weekend alone.

With over 17 acres of shops it took Forest and I a full day to see it all. It's amazing the things that are for sale! There are separate areas for various kinds of dealers and each one has it's own store. Very different from the image in my head of a fair ground kind of situation with ware's strewn across blankets and tables.

One of the halls even had artists who were displaying works made from antique or vintage goods.
Back here at home Snohomish calls itself the "Antiques Capitol of the Northwest" and with good reason. Every business in the town seems to be dealing. Granted antiques in Snohomish are a bit different than what I found in Paris!
 This very well could have been my complete set from my childhood!
 Puppets Anyone?
Nickel a Ride!
2 years ago while visiting Provence we went to I'Isle sur la Sorgue which has a reputation as the antiques center of Provence. Most things were amazingly expensive but it was so fun to look at. I did find these funny little gadgets meant to hold your lamb chop bone while you ate it so that you wouldn't get your hands greasy. I loved them but didn't buy them and now I think of them all the time! I'm heading back to Provence this month and I think I'll be searching those out again! 

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