Monday, November 16, 2015

Malaga, Spain

First off it is Mal-a-ga. We spent a lot of time figuring out how to pronounce it so... Mal-a-ga! And it's lovely.

Jenn & Matt set out on their own while we boarded a bus for an excursion to the tiny hill town of Mijas. Wow, this little place, even riddled with tour groups, is a charmer!

Our guide walked about 20 of us around the town, pointing out the fantastic views of the neighboring hills and the sea, the donkeys which have been used as taxis for years, and the independent shops and restaurants that created the town's economy.

We entered into the small yet beautiful cathedral, and saw the tiny bullring from the outside before heading to a wine shop for a tasting and some education on the area's wine.

Since we had some time on our own after we wandered around just taking in the charm of this little villa! Then we found a nice cafe with only locals inside, for a bocadillo and a beer.

When the bus took us back to Mal-a-ga we opted to have the driver drop us in the center of town. After strolling around for a bit we stopped at La Espanola for a fantastic tapas lunch which included a dish of hardboiled eggs tossed in house-made mayonnaise as well as a cone containing a mix of delicious fried seafood, both specialties of the area.

We met Jenn and Matt back on board and exchanged stories of the day on the deck out in the sun.

That night after our wine tasting session and stateroom happy hour we did a Bridge visit before heading to dinner.

Photos here. Next up Granada, and the Alhambra.

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