Thursday, March 6, 2014

Amsterdam Overnight

On our way home from Prague our flight had a stop in Amsterdam so we decided to take the opportunity to do an overnight in town, in order to catch up with our friends who graciously invited us over for a delicious dinner.

Dayne decided to book us into a different hotel this time and boy was it wonderful! The Hotel Estherea is small and very well situated. In fact, it is right next to the best bakery for stroopwaffles which I'm sure had something to do with Dayne choosing it. We took the train to the city from the airport for only 6.50 Euro each, in 15 minutes we were at the main station and easily grabbed a cab for the short distance to the hotel. As I went to check in, Dayne ran to the bakery and got there right before they closed, loading up on stroopwaffles to enjoy on our flight the next morning.

We didn't really get a chance to take full advantage of the hotel, of its lovely little bar and cozy library. Our bedroom was just fantastic with a balcony overlooking the row houses and a gorgeous marble bathroom.
The city still had some of its Christmas lights up and even with the cold drizzly weather, bikes still whizzed down the streets as if it were spring and not the dead of January.

Klary is a fantastic cook and both her and Dennis are accomplished travelers, so the evening was delicious, interesting and fun. We love catching up with them.

We had time for a good breakfast, which was included in our room rate, the next morning before grabbing a cab back to the main station and hopping on the train back out to Schiphol for our flight home. Next time hopefully we'll have a bit more time to spend in the city! And to spend in this hotel!
Amsterdam photos

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