Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Romantic Dinner Where?

This month last year we headed to Punta Cana for our wedding anniversary, but before flying off we had a very nice dinner in an unexpected location.

Since our flight was a tad early in the morning, we took advantage of a deal for the Cedarbrook Lodge. This hotel is located right at the airport but the beautiful grounds and Northwest style rooms and common areas make you feel far from the hectic ways of the SeaTac airport. We checked in and were given this lovely, comfortable and serene room for the night.
They were providing live jazz on the lawn so we headed out with a cocktail and relaxed before dinner. The lawn, pond, and gardens really are pretty here. 
We then had a lovely dinner at the hotel's restaurant CopperLeaf. You don't usually find things like foie gras, duck breast, and 5-course tasting menus by the airport but that is exactly what CopperLeaf offers. The food was all very good, it wasn't earth shattering but it was very good. It was also very, very pretty. The plating was excellent and the restaurant also offers a fantastic wine list with many exceptional local wines. 
Our favorite thing was this dessert. Delicious donuts served with a hand-blended hot chocolate for dipping. Delish!

5am the next day came around much to soon but it was made easier by the complimentary airport shuttle.

I highly recommend Cedarbrook Lodge as an overnight on your next early morning SeaTac departure!

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