Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Promenade Your Partner

Between all that lounging around in the South of France and all the good eating and drinking in Paris, I needed to burn off a few wedges of cheese! During my trip in 2009, on the way to meet friends at Le Baron Rouge in the 12th, I spotted a funny old raised train platform with various flowers and greenery. Forest told me it was the Promenade Plantee and I told her I wanted to check it out one year. Viola!
The walk is just under 3 miles and almost spans the entire 12th. There is so much to look at! Like this building with the (many) reproductions of Michelangelo's "The Slave".
Most of it is on this viaduct but at other parts you drop down to the ground and walk a bit past businesses and shops. The assortment of plants are super pretty and there's even a big bamboo grove.
It takes you past, over and through interesting buildings, neighborhoods, tunnels and a larger park. It's a great stroll, especially if you have a couple of nice meals you are working off!
Paris pics

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