Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Long Weekend, Iceland!

For our spring trip Dayne and I watched many deals via Groupon, Travel Zoo and various airline offerings before deciding to go to, long on our list of places to travel, Iceland. Offered by Iceland Air we thought the package sounded 1) awesome and 2) very affordable.

First glimpses of Iceland from the FlyBus

We would fly non stop from Seattle on a Thursday afternoon arriving in Reykjavik about 7 hours later (Friday morning) with 3.5 days to eat, drink & explore to country of fire & ice. 3 nights at the Hilton Nordica. 1 day on a private 4x4 jeep tour to explore glaciers, waterfalls and ice caves. All this for about $800 per person. We added on airport transfers, a 1/2 day to lounge at the famed Blue Lagoon hot springs and spa and also a day of car rental to explore part of the country on our own.

I flew Iceland Air's Sega Class last year to Paris but this time we were in coach. And me in the middle! But still I find the seats comfortable and a bit more room than on the normal long haul flights. And there were pillows and blankets. But you do have to purchase your own food and drink. We decided to use our liquid bag allowance to pack a mini bar of gin and premixed vermouth and bitters. Martini anyone?

Upon arriving at Keflavik airport we took the FlyBus into Reykjavik, a 40 minute drive. Note to others who may be flying in, you are permitted to purchase at Duty Free upon arrival (open even at 7am) so if you want to save some money on snacks, drinks, etc to keep in your room plan on doing so.

The moon like landscape fought our jet lag for attention as we drove along the nearly empty highway to the city. At the Hilton we found our room not quite ready but the complimentary buffet breakfast, complete with shot of cod liver oil, was delicious and by the time we were done it was a quick hand off of keys and on to a much needed nap.

This is my plate, I'm sure you can imagine Dayne's.

A few hours later, unpacked, rested and armed with friend's recommendations, we began our Iceland adventure!  Stay tuned!

Have you been to Iceland? I'd highly recommend checking into this (or similar) deals from Iceland Air if you are thinking about it.

Iceland photos

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