Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Seattle, Quack!

 Caution... bad puns ahead:

Back in February we had a gaggle of guests from Paris and Geneva staying with us. I love showing people around Seattle because it is so freaking gorgeous! Since time was limited we decided to take the Ride the Ducks Tour. I won't lie, I was SUPER excited as I had never gone on the Duck. Generally I loathe tourist things but this had just enough kitsch to get me on board! 

After fueling up on CFS and breakfast margaritas at Peso's on lower Queen Anne we boarded our Duck and with our Captain at the helm set out to see the sites.

The Duck made it's way along the Waterfront, past Safeco and Qwest Fields, thru Pioneer Square and Downtown. We then got onto 99 heading towards Fremont. It was as we were driving past Queen Anne that I said to Dayne "there is something wrong with this Duck, it is slowing way down!" Our Captain then yelled back to us that we were breaking down and immediately got on his radio to headquarters. Smoke started billowing out of the engine as we drove over the bridge, a lot of smoke! Finally we were able to pull over and had to make an emergency exit!

The whole situation was crazy! After a bit of waiting a new Duck arrived to pick us up and continue our tour. Our Captain was visibly shaken but was doing his best to get things back on quack. It was at this point where we were to drive into Lake Union, the vehicle turning into a boat of sorts. Not feeling overly confident in the workings of these amphibious trucks a few of us were noticeably nervous as the truck drove straight into the lake. But once we were floating around we were able to take in the amazing view of the city and our Captain even took us (illegally) close to the houseboat where they filmed "Sleepless in Seattle".

A bit longer on the lake and then back on land we drove into Fremont and past the Troll and finally back to the base on lower Queen Anne.

All in all the tour was fun albeit a bit long as the 90 minute ride turned into a 3- hour tour....


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